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Are you looking out to know – How to buy a DSLR Camera? With our first article we will try to teach you with tips and tricks for the list of features you should look for while buying a DSLR Camera – so keep on reading and by the end of it we guarantee you will know which DSLR camera you are going to buy.

Here are a few things you need to look out for while buying a DSLR Camera:


Budgets and pricing is one of the key to understand before buying any New DSLR camera. Or I would say a great part to initiate your buying of camera. Sure you would always like to buy the top range of equipments but in the initial stages it would be unaffordable or may be impractical.

While buying a DSLR camera you should also take into consideration that you might need to some lenses, batteries, memory cards and other accessories. Saving money on a camera by choosing a less expensive model may allow you to purchase a better lens or vice versa.

Size of the Camera

The cost are variable based on the size of your camera you would be buying which can also be one of the main issues for keeping hold on your camera purchases. While upgrading from a point and shoot digital camera to a DSLR you will notice there is a sizable difference. DSLR cameras also range in size and weight from model to model, however most entry level cameras are of the same size and weight.

Camera Usage

The kind of usage you’re going to use the camera for will determine the camera you’re going to purchase. A photographer looking to photograph beautiful ladies out there or models all day is probably looking for a camera with a high megapixel count that is going to capture every detail giving the output of best possible image quality. A photographer who shoots sports events on the other hand is probably willing to give up a few megapixels for a camera that allows him to shoot at a fast frames per second rate in order to capture a burst of images.

When it comes to purchasing a camera it’s important to take into consideration what would be your subject to shoot and how you would be using it, if this is going to be your first camera then chances are that you won’t be shooting any Cricket matches or other games soon, so frames per second really shouldn’t be that much of an issue for you.

In India there are lot of event happens one of them include the wedding events which happens every day in some or the other places. If you’re looking to photograph events that have low lighting such as weddings, or events where a flash isn’t required or allowed then you will want a camera that can work well at high ISO ranges may be between 100-1600.


Pixels or Megapixels in camera is are something where the camera scenes are obsessed with and this is thanks to marketing campaigns by companies stating that their latest cameras have 200,000 billion pixels, Although in fact the quality of an image is often determined by the correct exposure settings and camera sensor that you kept.

Other Features to consider while buying a New DSLR

ISO Levels

Not getting into the technicalities of the ISO range in a camera as that is what determining long aperture and shutter speed including the amount of light that can get into the cameras sensor. The more light that reaches the sensor the quicker the shutter speed you’re able to use. Many entry level DSLR cameras will have a range of 100-1600 where as higher end models will often have more ranges

LCD Size

LCD in a camera helps you to understand and review the images you have taken – The bigger the size of the LCD screen the better judgement you can make on the photos you took.

Creative Modes

While updgrading or updating to any new DSLR camera you may feel as a daunting experience Although with creative modes you can initiate your understanding of each picture taken. Today in the market any Entry level DSLR cameras will have pre defined modes such as “Portrait, Sports, Night or Landscape modes” which can easily be selected at the turn of a dial. With Higher end models you may not be able to see these modes as the cameras are AI powered to set up correct exposure accordingly

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